Writer’s Practice: Building Confidence in Your Nonfiction Writing The – by WARNER, JOHN

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Release April 2019

ISBN 9780143133155 Penguin Group USA 2019 Paperback 256 pages

For anyone aiming to improve their skill as a writer, a revolutionary new approach to establishing robust writing practices inside and outside the classroom.

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After more than two decades teaching college-level writing following the most established and well-regarded practices, writer, editor, and educator John Warner knew we could do better. Drawing on his classroom experience and the most persuasive research in contemporary composition studies, he devised an innovative new framework- a step-by-step method that moves the student through a series of writing problems, an organic, bottom-up writing process that exposes and acculturates them to the ways writers work in the world. The time is right for this new and groundbreaking approach. The most popular books on composition take a formalistic view, utilizing “templates” in order to mimic the sorts of rhetorical moves academics make. While this is a valuable element of a writing education, there is room for something that speaks more broadly. The Writer’s Practice invites students and novice writers into an intellectually engaging, active learning process that prepares them for a wider range of academic and real-world writing and allows them to become invested and engaged in their own work.

John Warner has more than twenty years’ experience teaching college level writing, working with a range of students from developmental writing through graduate level studies. He has taught many different types of writing, from composition, fiction, and narrative non-fiction to technical and humor writing. A contributing writer at Inside Higher Ed, he has become a national voice on writing pedagogy and his pieces are frequently republished in Slate. He is the author of five books. An editor at large at McSweeney’s, he has worked with writers who have gone on to publish in outlets including The New York Times, The New Yorker and The Guardian.