Wondrous World of Weeds by Collins Pat

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ISBN 9781921517792 New Holland Publishers 2016 paperback

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What in the world is a weed The dictionary will tell you it is a plant out of place. In The Wonderous World of Weeds you will discover that the perceived weeds thatgrow around us hold special significance and wonderful medicinal values. We have plants growing all around us that have so much culinary and holistic potential and can be used as teas, decoctions, poultices, compresses, ointments, creams along with syrups and lozenges. Their medicinal uses can help relieve itches, get rid of cold sores, or help with coughs and colds, etc. Not many people realise that are plants growing all around us that we don’t realise have so much potential. Weeds also have culinary uses and there are recipes included. They are also good companions in the garden for vegetables, fruit trees, and flowers, and can tell you about the quality of your soil. For example, weeds are good indicators of an acid soil; soil lacking in humus or high in nitrogen; etc. The book will feature 100 common world wide wee

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