Wisdom of Wolves The by Radinger, Elli H.

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ISBN 9780241346716 Michael Joseph Penguin UK 2019 Hardback – 240 pp

Elli H. Radinger, born in 1951, gave up her profession as a lawyer to devote herself entirely to writing and to wolves, her passion. She is now Germany’s best-known expert on wolves and shares her knowledge in books, seminars and lectures. For twenty-five years she has spent a large part of every year observing wild wolves in the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA. The Wisdom of Wolves is her first book.

What wolves can teach us about being human.

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Love your family, care for your those around you, never give up and always find time to have fun – these are the golden rules of wolves. These remarkably intelligent animals take empathetic care of their old and injured, bring up their young lovingly and are able to forget everything when playing. They think, dream, make plans, communicate intelligently with one another – and behave more like humans than any other animal.

Elli H. Radinger, a world-leading expert on wolves, tells readers of astonishing and hitherto unknown facts about the lives of wolves and demonstrates the many ways in which we can improve our own lives by learning from them.