William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back by Doescher, Ian

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ISBN 9781594747151 – QUIRK BOOKS – RANDOM HOUSE US: Hardback 176 pp – Apr 2014

Ian Doescher the author of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars – Verily, a New Hope. He lives with his family in Portland, Oregon.

Nicolas Delort is a freelance illustrator based in Paris, France. Gathering inspiration in the daily and mundane as well as books and any kind of narrative medium, Delort has been compared to Gustav DorU and Franklin Booth for his “wonderfully textural” pen-and-ink drawings of scenes both fantastical and familiar. Delort’s work has been featured on the cover of “Magic- An Anthology of the Esoteric and Arcane” from Solaris Books and in several galleries worldwide.

Something Wookiee this way comes!

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Hot on the heels of the New York Times best seller William Shakespeare’s Star Wars comes the next two installments of the original trilogy- William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back and William Shakespeare’s The Jed Doth Return. Return to the star-crossed galaxy far, far away as the brooding young hero, a power-mad emperor, and their jesting droids match wits, struggle for power, and soliloquize in elegant and impeccable iambic pentameter. Illustrated with beautiful black-and-white Elizabethan-style artwork, these two plays offer essential reading for all ages.

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