Wild Pa by Saxby, Claire

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Saxby, Claire – Connah Brecon

ISBN 9781760894535 – Picture Puffin – Penguin Australia Pty Ltd Paperback 32 pp – Jul 2019

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Claire Saxby (Author)
Claire Saxby writes fiction, non-fiction and poetry for children. She has nearly forty books in print with more in production. Her poetry appears in magazines, anthologies, on train walls and in museum resources. Claire has been writing for children for about 15 years. Before that, she was a podiatrist, and worked in community health. She has been inspired by her own children, memories of childhood and by the children around her. Claire lives in Melbourne with her husband, three very tall sons and a dog that often pretends to be a cat.

Connah Brecon (Illustrator)
Connah Brecon is a British author-illustrator currently living in Melbourne, Australia, with his family. Although Connah is yet to be a Grandpa, he has many fond memories of his very own Wild Pa.