What Is America? 25c Box Set by HQ, WHO

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ISBN 9781524790639 – Penguin – Penguin Group USA Paperback 2800 pp – Oct 2019

Who HQ is your headquarters for history. The Who HQ team is always working to provide simple and clear answers to some of our biggest questions. From Who Was George Washington? to Who Is Michelle Obama?, and What Was the Battle of Gettysburg? to Where Is the Great Barrier Reef?, we strive to give you all the facts. Visit us at

Learn about the people, places, and events that made this great nation what it is today with this collection of twenty-five Who HQ books.

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The staff at Who HQ headquarters have handpicked some of the best Who Was?, What Was?, and Where Is? titles to tell the amazing story of America. These twenty-five fact-filled books come in a sturdy and beautifully designed slipcase, making it a perfect gift for any reader–including adults–that can proudly sit on any bookshelf. Discover more about the land of the free–from the First Thanksgiving and the Boston Tea Party to the March on Washington and the Twin Towers–and the home of the brave–from George Washington and Harriet Tubman, to Amelia Earhart and Cesar Chavez. Also included- a full-color poster map of the United States, featuring facts from each of the twenty-five featured books.