The Unwritten Rules Of Managing Up by BROWNLEE, DANA PMP

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ISBN 9781523098187 Berrett-Koehler: Random House US 2019 216 p Paperback

Dana Brownlee is founder and president of Professionalism Matters, a corporate training company based in Atlanta. She is an energetic and innovative corporate trainer, speaker, and workshop facilitator. She garnered critical team leadership and management consulting experience through her years with AT&T Bell Labs, AT&T, IBM Consulting, and EMC Corporation. She has been featured on Working Mother, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Redbook,, Money magazine,, and other notable publications.p>

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Project managers don’t have a lot of authority, but they must keep their projects on track–they can’t allow anyone to get in their way. In this book a veteran project manager shares her secrets on how to tactfully keep your boss from accidentally sabotaging your project’s success. What do you do when the biggest threat to your project is your boss? It’s not that your boss is out to get you. In fact, bosses generally mean well. But clueless leadership from a well-intentioned boss can sometimes cause more damage than a criminal mastermind tying your project to the railroad tracks. Lucky for you, the best project managers have got “managing up” down to a fine science. The reason is that project managers are often outside consultants with no formal position in the organization they’re working for, putting them at a double disadvantage. Learn how tried-and-tested techniques from the discipline of project management can be used to manage five main “types” of difficult bosses. Dana Brownlee, certified Project Management Professional, has repeatable, reliable techniques based on years of project consulting, which apply to each of these difficult boss types. Your boss will be eating right from your hand in no time.