The Story of Eva Carmichael by Gary Crew

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ISBN 9781922134103 New Holland Publishers 2018 paperback 32 The Wreck of the “Loch Ard”

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When eighteen year old Eva Carmichael boarded the Loch Ard, she did so amidst rumours that the ships of the Loch
Line were cursed. And so it came to pass. In 1878, the magnificent clipper was wrecked off the treacherous coast of
Victoria, Australia.
Though the sole female survivor, and despite having lost her entire family, Eva refused to conform to the romantic
image of the ‘maiden in distress.’ In the face of a media storm, Eva remained true to herself and resolute in demanding
respect for her independence. Her courage and strength are qualities that still mark Eva Carmichael out today as a
truly heroic woman.