The Society of Reluctant Dreamers by Agualusa, José Eduardo

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ISBN 9781787300552 – HARVILL/SECKER – RANDOM HOUSE UK Paperback 288 pp – August 2019

Jose Eduardo Agualusa (Author)
Jose Eduardo Agualusa was born in Huambo, Angola, and is one of the leading literary voices in Angola and the Portuguese-speaking world. His novel Creole was awarded the Portuguese Grand Prize for Literature, The Book of Chameleons won the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize, and A General Theory of Oblivion won the DUBLIN Literary Award and was shortlisted for the Man Booker International Prize.

The new novel from the winners of the International DUBLIN Literary Award 2017, Jose Eduardo Agualusa and his translator Daniel Hahn.

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Swimming in the clear blue waters of the Rainbow Hotel, Daniel Benchimol finds a waterproof camera, belonging to Moira, a Mozambican artist, famous for a series of photos depicting her own dreams – a woman he, Daniel, dreams about repeatedly. The two meet, and Daniel becomes involved in a mysterious project with a Brazilian neuroscientist, who’s working with Moira on a machine to film and photograph people’s dreams. This is just one of many dreamlike encounters, as characters appear in each others’ dreams and the dreams of people around them.

The Society of Involuntary Dreamers is a story of art versus dictatorship, the place of dreams in our waking lives and how they blur with reality, set against the political backdrop of Angola’s tumultuous past and present.