The Mafia: The First 100 Years by Balsamo, William

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ISBN 9780753554326 – VIRGIN – RANDOM HOUSE UK Paperback 480 pp – August 2019

William Balsamo (Author)
William Balsamo is the great-nephew of Don Giuseppe – ‘Battista’ – Balsamo, the first godfather.

George Carpozi Jr. (Author)
George Carpozi Jr. is a journalist, biographer and writer who has worked on the New York Journal American and the New York Post.

This True Crime classic is the stand-out blockbuster account of the rise of the most effective criminal body in the world.

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The brutal truth at point blank range.

Drawing on two decades of original research and personal experience, multi award-winning writer the late George Carpozi Jr and William Balsamo, great nephew of the first godfather, Don Guiseppe ‘Battista’ Balsamo, trace the Mafia’s beginnings from an underground patriotic society which sprang up six hundred years ago in Sicily, through the group of Italian immigrants – the Black Hand – who savagely tore control of New York’s waterfronts away from the Irish racketeers, to the Mob which went on to run organised crime throughout Italy and America, and whose insidious influence even reached into a presidential administration.

The Mafia has long been one of the most mythical and misunderstood criminal organisations. This book, with filmic detail, behind-closed-doors dialogue and first-hand story-telling, gets deeper inside it than ever before.

Compulsively chilling, The Mafia- The First 100 Years reads like the best crime fiction, yet is the terrifying, deadly truth.