The Little Book of Bogan Baby Names by Rogers-Anderson Sabrina

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ISBN 9781742579382 New Holland Publishers 2017 hardcover

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A slightly different take on naming your baby. The little book of Bogan baby names with over 200 names explains what they clearly mean or so we think Sabrina Rogers Anderson,an expert on baby names for a parenting website covers all names from vintage to hipsters, to celebrity names with artistic themes.There is no other topic that has resonated so deeply with the Australian public than the bogan baby names column she started writing back in 2014 that went viral in a matter of days. Appearing on Channel Ten’s The Project and with hundreds of requests to conduct radio interviews Sabrina decided to make her column a regular yearly event. “Most readers have taken my bogan musings as they were intended �’ a good natured laugh. We all have a bit of bogan in us that needs to be celebrated. Truth be told, I can’t help but like some of these names just a little bit”.

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