The Jetty Journals

by Ian Buchanan

The Jetty Journals is a book, written for young adults who like an adventure. As it turns out, adults who read the book like it, too. It is a bit of a ripping yarn, a page-turner. It’s an end-of-the-world, post-apocalypse, survive the pandemic plague kind of book. It doesn’t use the word “zombie“, but if you like that kind of story or zombie DVD, you’ll like this book.

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The Jetty Journals by Ian Buchanan

The story commences with the narrator, Karen, a 17 year old, discussing her loneliness and her fears that her isolation is affecting her mental health. Her journal is a means to combat this.

In it she describes how she successfully flees Melbourne for the Mornington peninsula as a global epidemic breaks, but loses two weeks to the illness. She survives and meets Sean, another survivor, who explains to what happened while she was ill. Short of food, they venture out of Sean’s place to the nearest town.

They go to a doctor’s surgery, and have a frightening encounter with a virus-infected nurse. They visit Sorrento, where they are attacked by a dog. Tricking the dog they take off, narrowly escaping a group of infected who converge on them.

Bewildered, they continue to flee, and take refuge in the farmhouse of a market garden. Two feral farm dogs besiege them in the house, A plan to trap the dogs nearly ends in disaster, but shows how brave and resilient Karen and Sean are. The nickname “ferals” is applied to all the infected.

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