The Home by Cameron-Blair, Joni

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ISBN 9781785039225 – EBURY PRESS – TRADE – RANDOM HOUSE UK Paperback 320 pp – August 2019

Joni Cameron-Blair is a whistleblower and campaigner against the corruption in the children’s care system. As a child she was the victim of horrific, violent abuse at the hands of her father, and was subsequently incarcerated in Beechwood Children’s Home. There she experienced hell on earth, so as an adult became a care home inspector to fight the corruption from within. Unfortunately she found that the problems ran so deep, that she is still fighting to make her voice heard today.

Joni continues to live and work in Nottingham, and is the proud mother of three daughters and two granddaughters.

Incarcerated, abused and routinely humiliated – Joni survived the system, and then took on the system

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I looked around the stark cell. A solid block doubled as a single bed. There was no electricity or fresh air. A tiny window sat behind external bars, with no curtain. To all intents and purposes, I was in a prison cell.

When Joni found out she was going to live in Beechwood Children’s Home, she thought it would be a welcome escape from her father’s violent beatings. But she soon learned she was in for an even worse hell. Every day brought new horrors, as the children were regularly humiliated, beaten and sexually abused. Many years later, unable to forget the scars of her past, she became a care home inspector so she could fight the system from within – little did she know how deep the corruption ran, and what they’d do to stop her.

This is Joni’s story of abuse; but it is also her battle cry.