The Dog Rescuers: Heartwarming true tails of rescue, recovery and re-homing by RSPCA

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ISBN 9780552175487 – CORGIE ADULT – RANDOM HOUSE UK: Paperback 272 pp – Sep 2019

An RSPCA Inspector since 2009, Anthony Joynes works across Merseyside to crack down on animal cruelty. He is a trained biomedical scientist and is passionate about animal welfare. In his spare time he is a tireless fundraiser for the RSPCA.

Inspirational true stories from The Dog Rescuers, the RSPCA’s tireless team of expert officers who save the lives of dogs in peril, return them to health and help them to find their forever homes.

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As a nation, we’re big fans of man’s best friend. Nearly a quarter of all British homes own a dog. Sadly, not all of them receive the love and care they deserve and some dogs are neglected or, worse, abused. Enter The Dog Rescuers.

Every day, these dedicated and passionate RSPCA inspectors – like Anthony Joynes – contend with dog owners’ abandonment and misuse of their pets, and spring into action on behalf of dogs in trouble, returning them to health, happiness and a loving new home.

This collection of heartbreaking but ultimately heartwarming tales follows the likes of puppy Clover, who suffered damage to her face and lips, and Flint, the Lurcher who’d been used for badger baiting and lost most of his tail. When all seems lost, the RSPCA’s dog rescuers are on hand, providing vital support to get Clover, Flint and friends the help they need and into forever families so that they don’t just survive, they thrive.