The Cat Personality Test: How well do you really know your cat? by Finka, Lauren

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ISBN 9781529105278 – EBURY PRESS – TRADE – RANDOM HOUSE UK: Hardback 160 pp – Sep 2019

Dr Lauren Finka is a feline behaviour and welfare advisor for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and a postdoctoral research fellow at Nottingham Trent University. In the course of her PhD she studied personality traits in cats, and has used this to develop a tool called the L-Cat, which assesses the behaviour of cats in rehoming centres in order to improve the rehoming process. Dr Finka has previously worked for several different rehoming centres and is a passionate advocate for feline welfare. She regularly speaks internationally about cat behaviour and welfare and also works with International Cat Care on various welfare related projects. Lauren is also a regular contributor for magazines such as Your Cat.

Battersea Cats and Dogs Home’s feline behaviour expert offers a series of experiments to help you determine your cat’s character, and how understanding this may be the key to a happy cat-parent relationship.

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Who is your cat really? And what can you do to make them happy?

Through this book’s series of personality quizzes, feline behaviour expert Dr Lauren Finka can help you to assess various elements of your cat’s character and understand them on a whole new level. Discover how inquisitive your cat is, by observing their reaction to new environments; find out if your cat is an extreme hunter, who will need plenty of stimulation to exercise their keen stalking instincts; or learn to what extent you have a cat’s cat, who enjoys having a little furry playmate around, or whether they’d be happier in a single-cat household. You could start to understand whether your cat is really enjoying all the attention you lavish upon it, and decipher just how happy they are. With tips and tricks for any personality type, Dr Lauren Finka will help you to meet your cat’s specific wants and needs.

Whoever your cat is, you’ll learn what makes them tick, and be a step closer to the domestic feline harmony you’ve always dreamt of.