The Aussie Rules: Records, Stats and Trivia Book by Francis Doherty

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ISBN 9781742579887 New Holland Publishers 2017 paperback 160 Facts, Stats and Trivia

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The Aussie Rules: Records & Stats Trivia Book is a must for any fan of the game. Full of rare stats and lists of records, this book covers more than 100 years of Aussie Rules history. All the great names are here as well as champion clubs, memorable matches and record breaking feats. Expertly complied with interesting photos of the period, Francis Doherty’s book cover club records (those still in the current AFL competition as well as defunct clubs), the players (past champions as well as many forgotten names); the record breakers (most games, goals, crowds etc); the greatest games as well as the long history of interstate and country competitions. Easy to read and easy to follow, Aussie Rules: Records, Stats and Trivia is a welcome addition to any sport loving fan’s library.

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