Terrorism in Australia by Peter Moroney

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ISBN 9781921024634 New Holland Publishers 2018 paperback 308 The Story of Operation Pendennis

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Peter Moroney was a member of the NSW Police force for 17 years who
retired as Detective Sergeant with predominant experience in the field of
Criminal investigations and and extensive experience in managing and
conducting complete criminal investigations such as counter terrorism,
drugs, money laundering, organised crime and homicide.
This is Peter’s first book which will take a look at the birth of modern
terrorism in Australia, particularly NSW through what become known as
Operation Pendennis. Operation Pendennis is still one of the largest counter
terrorism investigations in this country, which included the investigation and eventual prosecution of Mr
Khaled Sharrouf.
Terrorism in Australia takes us into a world unknown to most of us on how the culture of terrorists groups
work and think and how this is an issue that authorities continue to strive to stay on top of around the
world but also in Australia. How do we stop an attack on our shores, who is who in our terrorist