Suicide Squad Vol. 8: Constriction by Williams, Rob

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ISBN 9781401288877 – DC COMICS – RANDOM HOUSE US Paperback 136 pp – August 2019

Rob Williams has written for DC Comics, Marvel, Dynamite Entertainment and many others. He is the author of the Vertigo graphic novel The Royals- Masters of War, as well as the creator-owned series Unfollow. His DC Comics work includes Martian Manhunter and Suicide Squad with Jim Lee.

Batman has broken Deadshot out of Belle Reve! Now the Dark Knight and the assassin who never misses have a new mission- rescue Deadshot’s daughter!

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Deadshot’s daughter has been kidnapped by Kobra, a group of mutant snake assassins! Amanda Waller uses all her resources to stop his escape, but he won’t allow anything to stand in the way of saving his daughter–not even his Task Force X teammates! From writer Rob Williams and a talented group of comics’ top illustrators, Suicide Squad Vol. 8 is another wild ride through the DC Universe! Collects issues #41-48.