Say Less, Lead More: How Small Changes in What You Say Can Make a Huge Difference to Your Team’s Results by Marquet, L. David

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ISBN 9780241373668 – Portfolio – Penguin UK Paperback 272 pp – February 2020

L. David Marquet, a top graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, commanded the nuclear-powered, fast-attack submarine USS Santa Fe from 1999 to 2001, transforming it from the worst-performing submarine in its fleet to the best. Since retiring from the Navy, Marquet has worked with businesses nationwide as a leadership consultant. He gives presentations around the world about his acclaimed first book, Turn the Ship Around- A True Story of Turning Leaders Into Followers.

The acclaimed author of Turn the Ship Around! shows leaders how to empower their team through better communication.

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Few of us realize that our language in the workplace inhibits creative problem-solving and escalates uncertainty and stress. In both high-pressure situations and everyday scenarios, in each meeting and email, we have the opportunity to empower our colleagues by using the write words.

In Say Less, Lead More, Former U.S. Navy Captain David Marquet expands on his bestselling leadership book Turn the Ship Around! and shows managers and leadersthe next step in their development- how to empower their team through communication.

Marquet outlines a set of principles and tools that help leaders empower their people to take responsibility and address challenges without waiting to be told what to do, highlighting how small changes in language can lead to dramatic changes in a team’s success and happiness.