Robinson Crusoe by Defoe, Daniel

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ISBN: 9780141377636 Puffin Modern Classics – Penguin UK 2019 – 288 pp, Paperback

Daniel Defoe (c.1660-1731), one of the most famous writers in English literature, was born in London, the son of James Foe, a butcher. It was Daniel who changed his name to De Foe or Defoe in about 1705. He was interested in politics and opposed King James II. After the Glorious Revolution in 1688 and William III was on the throne, Defoe became one of his personal friends. He became a writer for the government and a satircal writer on various social issues of the time. He turned to full time writing after hearing the inspirational story of a sailor who was rescued after living alone on a desert island in the Pacific, the result being his first novel Robinson Crusoe. Several other adventure stories followed, including Moll Flanders.

The 300th anniversary of one of the most famous adventures of all time.

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After surviving a terrible shipwreck, Robinson Crusoe discovers he is the only human on an island far from any shipping routes or rescue. At first he is devastated, but slowly, with patience and imagination, he transforms his island into a tropical paradise. For twenty-four years he lives with no human companionship – until one fateful day, when he discovers he is not alone . . . Lightly abridged for Puffin Classics.