Renoir by Feist Peter H

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ISBN 9783836531092 New Holland Publishers 2016 hardcover

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One of the leading lights of the Impressionist movement, Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841�’1919) remains a towering figure in art history with enduring public appeal. Sun bathed, charming, and sensual,his work shows painting at its most light hearted and luminous, while championing the plein air and color innovations of his time. Renoir’s oeuvre was prolific, with some several thousand works in his lifetime. Much influenced by forerunners such as Courbet, Degas, Manet, Delacroix, he worked with contemporary peers such as Monet to explore fresh uses of color and brushwork, rendering texture and depth with different hued daubs. Drawn to intimate andtender human scenes,his subjects include lovers, mothers, and numerous nudes. As his career progressed, Renoir investigated different styles and techniques, shifting away from the feathery Impressionist touch to a more robust, classical corporeality,sometimes called his “Ingres period,” and later to monumental pieces such as Grandes Baigneus

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