Raw Vegan Meals by Mathias Scott

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ISBN 9781742578545 New Holland Publishers 2016 paperback 192 Recipes for Healthy Eating

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Raw vegan food is entirely plant based and uncooked so as not to destroy the all important nutrients that nature has provided. Scott Mathias embarked on this way of eating after a lifetime of digestive woes,embracing the vegan journey that has changed his life. In this recipe book,Scott shows you how to create delicious meals that are all raw and vegan friendly in an easily accessible way. The meals are designed as a menu of small bites all themed around an international cuisine,plus mouth watering dessert recipes and sauces that will form the base for many a meal. Beautifully presented,these recipes will inspire every one to try a raw food diet,whether it be for one day a week or for the rest of your life.

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