Poetry from the Future: Why a global resistance movement is our civilisation’s last chance by Horvat, Srecko

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Release 16 Apr 2019

ISBN 9780241337325 – Allen Lane – Penguin UK 2019 Hardback 304 pp

Born in 1983 in former Yugoslavia, Srecko Horvat is a European philosopher without stable address. He is traveling across continents giving lectures, visiting refugee camps and protests, advocating radical democracy as one of the founders and figureheads of the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25). He is the author of numerous books, including The Radicality of Love, What Does Europe Want (co-authored with Slavoj Zizek) and Subversion!

A punchy manifesto from the front lines of a rapidly changing Europe.

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What is democracy? Have our democratic societies turned into a form of totalitarianism? If so, how do they get away with it?The past is forgotten, and the future is without hope. Dystopia has become a reality. Capitalism and historical revisionism are part of the fabric of this new world of normalized apocalyptic politics. Our passivity is guaranteed if we believe there is no future – this is a radical manifesto for hope in democracy, union and internationalism. Srecko Horvat, a leading European philosopher, calls for a radical internationalism in order to bring true democracy to Europe.