Ned Kelly’s Helmet by Stafford Paul

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ISBN 9781742578651 New Holland Publishers 2016 paperback

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The normally peaceful village of Milltown is in the grips of a bushranger epidemic, and no business is safe. Hordes of masked bandits roam the streets on horseback, menacing the public with their weapons.Luckily the bushrangers are students, the horses are pushies, and the weapons are water pistols. And, since it s just another of Ms Bracker s mad history projects, there ll be no harm done or so she thinks!But when the McGoogly Gang, with the aid of some ancient technology, go after the ultimate bushranger icon for their project, the whole game is turned on its head, the cry of Bail up! is puncuated with real gunfire, and bushranger month becomes deadly serious _Saddle your steeds the game is afoot!

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