Native Trees And Shrubs South by Costermans Leon

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ISBN 9781877069703 New Holland Publishers 2009 paperback 440

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New updated edition! Native Trees and Shrubs of South Eastern Australia embraces an area that stretches from the Flinders and Mt Lofty Ranges in South Australia, across Victoria and southern New South Wales to the NSW South Coast.It records the land and its vegetation in a scientifically accurate, but accessible, style. Virtually all species of native trees and larger shrubs in this area are described, and their occurrences are related to the features of their environment, events of the past, geology, landforms, soil, and climatic conditions. The brief descriptions of places of special interest, as well as the eight regional ‘guide lists’ that cover the coast, hills and ranges, high mountain country, and various inland areas, assist anyone exploring such regions to identify the trees and shrubs.

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