Mindfulness: A Brief Introduction to Its Buddhist Foundations by Shaw, Sarah

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ISBN 9781611807196 – SHAMBHALA – TRADE – RANDOM HOUSE US Paperback 208 pp – August 2019

Dr. Sarah Shaw is a faculty member and lecturer at the University of Oxford. She has taught and published numerous works on the history and practices of Buddhism, including An Introduction to Buddhist Meditation, The Jātakas- Birth Stories of the Bodhisatta, and The Spirit of Meditation.

A quick guide to the history of the world’s most popular meditation practice.

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From the time of the Buddha to the age of meditation apps, this straightforward introduction gives an entire overview of the use of the term “mindfulness” in Buddhist meditative traditions. Drawing upon years of experience through practicing, researching, and teaching the history of mindfulness, Dr. Sarah Shaw offers the first-ever accessible guide to the roots of this ancient meditation technique that continues to benefit millions throughout the world.

Although the term is heard everywhere from boardrooms and classrooms to gyms and yoga studios, surprisingly little is known about the origins of mindfulness. This easy-to-read short history will give readers, whether they are seasoned or novice practitioners, a better sense of the most practiced meditation in the world.