Millie the Muffin by Henderson, Alisha

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ISBN 9781925695984 – Bauer Books – BAUER BOOKS Hardback pp – Oct 2019

Alisha’s motivations for entering the world of sweets is plain and simple. It’s all about FUN! Her wild, sugary ride has been shared through Instagram, from its very humble beginnings in her parents’ kitchen – to now, where she jets about, baking and teaching and sharing that passion for desserts to anyone willing to listen! There is nothing that makes her heart sing more than, seeing bakers across the globe be inspired and educated through her work. Alisha
has serviced the events industry with her baked goodies for the last six years.
Millie Muffin is Alisha’s first book.

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Millie Muffin doesn’t like the way she looks. Her greatest wish in the world is to be a cupcake girl, so pretty with their pink frosting piped high. Maybe then she could be happy.
But Millie is just a plain old muffin – there is nothing special about her at all. What she doesn’t realise, however, is that she is in fact the sweetest of all the treats on Buttercream Street.
This gorgeously illustrated story sends a positive message to children that it’s what on the inside that truly counts.
Including easy-to-make recipes for all the sweet characters that appear in the book – Millie Muffin, the Cupcake Girls, Matty Marshmallow, Frida Fairy Bread and Papa Pie – this book really is the sweetest!