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Putting the art in party and the brat in wurst. The Wall You’re about twenty five years too late, mein Liebling. Nowadays Berlin is the epitome of cool, laidback charm from east to west, with underground vibe, perpetual nightlife, inimitable style and creativity. So, Volfie, vat are you vaiting for LUXE Berlin. Lean, mean und on das scene. LUXE City Guides distil priceless information from a crack team of more than 30 savvy, stylish, plugged in resident curators. Whether you have a few hours or a few days, LUXE is all you need to get the inside scoop on your destination, while sidestepping the drab touristy faff, packed in a ultra handy, light format that fits into your pocket/handbag � discreet and useful. Featuring totally original and fresh content, LUXE City Guides contain everything you need to know and you�’d simply never find as a visitor. From hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs, to out of town activities, spa and beauty places, unique �’by the hand�’ shopping itineraries,

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