Love Lives Here: A Story of Thriving in a Transgender Family by Knox, Amanda Jette

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ISBN 9780735235175 – ROF – RANDOM HOUSE US Paperback pp – August 2019

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An inspirational story of accepting and embracing two trans people in a family–a family who shows what’s possible when you “lead with love.

All Amanda Jette Knox ever wanted was to enjoy a stable life. She never knew her biological father, and while her mother and stepfather were loving parents, the situation was sometimes chaotic. At school, she was bullied mercilessly, and at the age of fourteen, she entered rehab for alcohol addiction. Before leaving home at sixteen, the adolescent Amanda had attended seven different high schools.

While still a teenager, she met and moved in with the young man whom she would ultimately marry. They were wed at 20, and the first of three children followed shortly. Jette Knox finally had the stability she craved–or so it seemed. Their middle son struggled with depression and avoided school. The author was unprepared when, at the age of eleven, her son revealed that he identified as female. Shocked, but knowing how important it was to support her daughter, Jette Knox became an ardent advocate for trans rights.

But the story wasn’t over. For many years, the author had coped with her spouse’s moodiness, but his chronic unhappiness was taking a toll on their marriage. A little over a year after their child came out, her husband told her that he, too, was transgender. Knowing better than most what would lie ahead, Jette Knox searched for positive examples of marriages surviving transition. When she found no role models, she determined that her family would become one.

The shift was challenging, but slowly the family members noticed that they were becoming happier and more united. Told with remarkable candour and humour, and full of insight into the challenges faced by trans people, Love Lives Here is a beautiful story of transition, frustration, support, acceptance, and, of course, love.