LGB The Wonderful School by Justus, May

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ISBN 9780525581840 – GOLDEN BOOKS – GOLDEN BOOKS Hardback 24 pp – Oct 2019

MAY JUSTUS (1898-1989) was the daughter of a schoolteacher, and the author of numerous children’s books between 1927 and 1980. Most of her books were set in her native Appalachia, and many reflected her own experiences as a young schoolteacher. The public library in Monteagle, Tennessee, is named for her.

HILDE HOFFMANN was a popular illustrator in the 1960s. She illustrated several Golden Book titles in the late 1960s and early 1970s that had to do with children’s emotions and self-esteem, including Sometimes I Get Angry and Look at Me Now! The Wonderful School is her only Little Golden Book.

A sweet rhyming story from 1971 about a beloved schoolteacher is back in print!

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There once was a very unusual school
That had for its teacher Miss Tillie O’Toole . . .

So begins a rollicking story about a beloved teacher who presents all her lessons in riddles and rhyme, takes her students outside for picnics and kite-flying, and teaches them good, old-fashioned common sense along with the three Rs. Lyrical illustrations of red-haired Miss Tillie O’Toole and her multicultural class make this breezy Little Golden Book as much fun to look at as well as read aloud!