Keep Clear: My adventures with Asperger’s by Cutler, Tom

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ISBN 9781925713770 -Scribe Publications: Paperback 352 pp – Sep 2019

Tom Cutler is a humourist, writer, magician, and Sherlock Holmes aficionado. He has written numerous books on a variety of subjects including language, sex, and music. He is the author of several international bestsellers including A Gentleman’s Bedside Book and the Amazon number-one blockbuster, 211 Things A Bright Boy Can Do. His books have been translated into several languages. Tom has also written for The Guardian, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, and The Telegraph. In 2016 he was identified as being on the autistic spectrum.

A wonderfully bittersweet, funnystrange account of living unwittingly with Asperger’s syndrome.

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It is only after a crack-up, at the age of 55, that Tom Cutler gets the diagnosis that allows him to make sense of everything that’s come before, including his weird obsessions with road-sign design, magic tricks, spinning tops, and Sherlock Holmes. The final realisation that he has Asperger’s allows a light to dawn on the riddles of his life- his accidental rudeness, maladroitness, Pan Am smile, and other social impediments. But, like many with Asperger’s, Tom possesses great facility with words, and this shines through this exceptionally warm, bright, and moving memoir, which is alternately strikingly revealing, laugh-out-loud funny, and achingly sad.

Tom explores his eccentric behaviour from boyhood to manhood, examines the role of autism in his strange family, and investigates the scientific explanations for the condition. He recounts his anxiety and bewilderment in social situations, his sensory overload, his strange way of dressing, and his particular trouble with girls. He shares his autistic adventures in offices, toyshops, backstage in theatres, and in book and magazine publishing houses, as well as on – or more often off – roads.