Is My Child Ready For School by Karen Seinor

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ISBN 9781921024849 New Holland Publishers 2018 paperback 120 An easy to follow guide for parents

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Your child has been learning from the moment they were born and has learnt more in their first few years than they are ever likely to learn in the same space of time again. But does this mean they are ready for school Starting school is a tremendously exciting but equally scary time for children and their families! Is My Child Ready for School is a guide for parents on all things school. Based on current research on brain development and insights from years of teaching, there are practical and simple suggestions to help parents make the important decision about when to start school and what skills and knowledge are required. It provides tips on selecting a school, how to make a smooth and successful transition to school and how to support your child in their first year of learning, but also advice about common concerns such as bullying, homework, how to develop a passion for reading and what to look out for if your child has special needs.