I’m Not The Boss by Jonas, Howard

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ISBN 9781684055357 – IDW PUBLISHING – RANDOM HOUSE US Hardback 96 pp – August 2019

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An entertaining, enlightening, and occasionally intense first-person glimpse at the life and philosophy of one of the top businessmen in the telecommunications field.

A few years ago, there were hundreds of “dot com millionaires.” When the Internet bubble burst and the smoke cleared, few of those titans were left standing. Howard Jonas and his company, IDT, were among the few survivors, and IDT now ranks among the top players in the telecommunications field. Maybe it’s got something to do with Jonas. His quirky personality is anything but average. He doesn’t run IDT the way Wall Street wants him to. He does it his way, and his attitude toward business and life — strongly grounded in his traditional Jewish values — is refreshingly uncommon.