I’m Brave! I’m Strong! I’m Five! by Best, Cari

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ISBN 9780823443628 – HOLIDAY HOUSE – RANDOM HOUSE US: Hardback 32 pp – Sep 2019

Cari Best is the author of several award-winning picture books, including Sally Jean, the Bicycle Queen, and My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay. She lives in Connecticut.

Boris Kulikov has illustrated many picture books including Papa’s Mechanical Fish by Candace Fleming, Barnum’s Bones by Tracey Fern and the Max series by Kate Banks. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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It’s bedtime but Sasha can’t fall asleep because of the scary things she sees in her room. Luckily, she uses her imagination to battle her fears until she’s finally ready for sleep.

Sasha has had Mama’s stories and Papa’s jokes and coffee kisses on both her cheeks, but she’s not tired. So she makes a star with her flashlight, a car with one headlight, and a lighthouse that blinks on and off. She checks out the noises outside her window and sees the moon–it is like a giant eye staring right at her! But when she closes her curtains, there are shadows and more noises and scary faces. Instead of calling to her parents, Sasha handles each situation herself because she’s brave, she’s strong, she’s five–and then finally, she’s ready for sleep.
This energetic, gorgeously-illustrated bedtime book is perfect for young readers learning to conquer bedtime fears by themselves.