How to Win at Yoga: Nail the hardest poses and find your selfie by Veda, Marcus

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ISBN 9781785042478 – VERMILION – MASS MARKET – RANDOM HOUSE UK: Paperback 192 pp – Sep 2019

Marcus Veda (Author)
Marcus Veda, global DJ and music producer, now teaches yoga in London. He is renowned for breaking down difficult poses and pushing people to their edge – with a good dose of fun.

Hannah Whittingham (Author)
Hannah is a Cambridge University and Royal Academy of Music grad, who works as a freelance writer for books, TV and radio, and as a magician’s assistant, as well as teaching yoga in London.

Written by two leading yoga teachers at the heart of the London yoga scene, this is a witty, playful, full-colour guide for a new generation of Instagram yogis

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Get in to the hardest poses and get out alive

Five years ago your average yoga class contained a few down dogs, a standing tree and a cushion for meditation. Today, it is becoming increasingly clear that many wish to gain enlightenment through sticking their foot behind their head. Preferably in a handstand, ideally in the splits. And then post it on Instagram.

Whether enlightenment is achievable through a one-armed handstand or not, crowded yoga studios are not the ideal places to start nailing risky moves, so this handy guide is here to demystify the big poses in full technicolour. Most importantly, you will learn how to take impressive pictures of your journey to enlightenment, so you can win at yoga, publicly.

From sunset splits to backbends in Bali, packed with drills for strength and flexibility and tips for costume and hair, How to Win at Yoga makes those apparently impossible yoga poses possible, and look great on the ‘gram.