How To Be A Capitalist Without Any Capital: The Four Golden Rules You Must Break To Get Rich by LATKA, NATHAN

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ISBN 9780525534440 Portfolio Penguin Group USA 2019 Hardback – 272 pp

Nathan Latka is CEO of TheTopInbox and eTools, and is applying what he knows about the new rules of business to 3-5x their revenue. He’s also the Executive Producer and host of The Top Entrepreneurs Podcast. This is his first book.

Brilliant insights and shortcuts to help you thrive as an entrepreneur – even if you don’t have any money to start.

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At 19, Nathan Latka founded a software company with just a few thousand dollars of his own money. He sold it five years later for $10.5 million. He doesn’t consider himself exceptionally brilliant; he just realized something few people know- You don’t need lots of money or an original idea to become an entrepreneur. You can be a hugely successful capitalist without any capital. Latka started sharing his secrets two years ago on The Top Entrepreneurs, which Inc. called the #1 business podcast. Now his first book-written in the same funny, exuberant voice his fans have come to love-will open your eyes to the opportunities waiting all around you. It starts with rejecting four pieces of conventional wisdom- * DON’T strive to be great at just one skill.* DON’T try for a unique business model. * DON’T focus on your goals. * DON’T jump into a hot industry. By rejecting those defunct rules and following Latka’s unconventional path, you can copy other people’s ideas shamelessly, bootstrap a startup with almost no funding, invest in small local businesses for huge payoffs, and reap the benefits of many other shortcuts and workarounds.