Healthy Eating for the Time Poor by Lisa Kathleen Daly

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ISBN 9781760790073 New Holland Publishers 2018 paperback 144 The Ultimate Guide to Save Time and Money

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Typically, women do most of the cooking at home as well as looking after the
children and bringing in a part or all of the family’s weekly income.
There are 168 hours in a week and on average most women spend 7 to 14 of
those hours in the kitchen. Many of those hours are spent during the evening
in tasks such as grocery shopping and preparing meals for the family. By the
time the cooking and cleaning up is done, there’s little time left to spend with
the kids or relax. And the next day, it happens all over again. Exhausting!
Healthy Eating for the Time Poor is an ultimate how to guide to change this paradigm and allow women to
reclaim their time and allow their natural multi tasking skills to come back into fruition. The book enables
us to be the creators of time, rather than being victims of time poverty.
The book is for the busy parent and person who loves to give their family a home cooked, nutritious meal
each night, while still having the time to enjoy it with them. It’