Grand Tournament Book 1: The Comic Book You Can Play by Manuro

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ISBN 9781683691310 – QUIRK BOOKS CHILDREN – RANDOM HOUSE US Paperback 96 pp – Oct 2019

Manuro (aka Emmanuel Quaireau) is an author and illustrator based in France. He is the author of five interactive game books and series- Captive, The Tears of Nuwa, Magica Tenebrae, Hocus & Pocus, and Grand Tournament.

Illustrator– Gyom (aka Guillaume Seijnhaeve) is a Belgian illustrator from the Chimay region. After several years working as a graphic designer in marketing, he embarked on the adventure of professional illustration. He made his advertising illustration debut and then won several contracts in the board game industry, achieving international and critical success thanks to his work on the game Magic Maze. With this experience under his belt, he ventures into the world of comics. Colorist– Damien Gay has a background in the computer industry, but his passion for comics pushed him to make it his job. He has worked as a colorist for publishers including Editions Delcourt, Kramiek, and Makaka Editions. He is also the writer for Square and Soup from Atypical Editions.

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Continuing the Comic Quests series, Kung Fu Tournament is an interactive, pick-your-panel graphic novel for middle-grade readers, full of adventure, combat, and fun!

Every year, the world’s leading martial arts experts gather at the Arena of the Elements for a fierce and spectacular competition. Only one can be declared champion, and you hope to be the lucky winner. Your team is counting on you to deliver a victory, but between the traps set by your opponents and the whims of your eccentric master, the trophy is the longshot of a lifetime. You must use all the strength, skill, and strategy at your disposal–because whether you win or lose the Kung Fu Tournament is up to you!