Government of No One: The Theory and Practice of Anarchism, The by Kinna, Ruth

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ISBN 9780241396551 – Penguin Press – Penguin UK Hardback 416 pp – August 2019

Ruth Kinna is a professor of political theory at Loughborough University, working in the Department of Politics, History and International Relations where she specialises in political philosophy. She is the author of William Morris- The Art of Socialism and co-editor of the journal Anarchist Studies.

A magisterial study of one of the most controversial political movements that shows how anarchism works.

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Often associated with chaos or disorder, anarchy defies definition and routinely gets a bad press. And yet from Occupy to Pussy Riot, Noam Chomsky to David Graeber, this philosophical and political movement is as relevant as ever. Contrary to popular perception, different strands of anarchism – from individualism to collectivism – do follow certain structures and a shared sense of purpose- a belief in freedom and working towards collective good without the interference of the state.

In this masterful, sympathetic account, political theorist Ruth Kinna traces the tumultuous history of anarchism, starting with thinkers and activists such as Peter Kropotkin and Emma Goldman and through key events like the Paris Commune and the Haymarket affair. Skillfully introducing us to the nuanced theories of a range of anarchist groups from around the world, The Government of No One reveals what makes a supposedly chaotic movement particularly adaptable and effective over centuries.