Get Lost!: A Travel Guide for Anywhere by Crutchley, Lee

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ISBN: 9780143130802 Tarcher – Penguin Group USA 2019 – 224 pp, Paperback

Lee Crutchley is an artist and author whose previous books include The Nocturnal Journal and How to Be Happy (or at Least Less Sad). A travel junkie, he currently lives in Berlin.

A wildly different adventure guide- Follow the prompts to see, feel, and learn something new wherever you go–in a new city or even your own hometown.

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Forget old-fashioned travel books with cookie-cutter advice on where to go and what to do. With this hip, ingenious and creative companion, you’ll have a unique and surprising experience anywhere you go. Feeling lost? Lonely? In need of a snack? Flip to the designated page and follow the directions for an adventure, taking you off the beaten path and on a journey of discovery that’s different every time. From the wandering mind and colorful sketchbook of Lee Crutchley, author of How to Be Happy (or at Least Less Sad), this delightful full-color book will give even the most jaded traveler a fresh experience–and a fun way to rediscover the joy of exploring the world around us, and even ourselves.