George And The Dragon by Wormell, Chris

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ISBN 9780241370407 Picture Puffin Penguin UK 2019 Paperback – 32 pp

Extraordinary adventures demand Extraordinary X-Men – and no frontier is too wild for this crew!

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While one team of X-Men stages a daring rescue mission in Weirdworld, another delves deep into the psyche of their own teammate! Weird is nothing new for hardened mutants like Old Man Logan, Colossus, Iceman and Magik – but can Storm and Jean Grey ever be prepared for what lies in the mind of Nightcrawler? Then, it’s an All-New take on a good old-fashioned X-Men adventure in time. The fate of mutantkind is more fragile than ever, and now it rests in the hands of one of the X-Men’s most formidable adversaries – the immortal Apocalypse. To save the present, the X-Men race into a perilous future. But can they outrun Apocalypse and his new Horsemen?