Garfield Fat Cat 3-Pack #21 by Davis, Jim

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ISBN 9781984817754 – BALLANTINE GROUP – RANDOM HOUSE US Paperback 288 pp – Oct 2019

Jim Davis‘s world-famous strip is syndicated in more than 2,100 newspapers with 200 million daily readers. Since Garfield‘s birth in 1978, his books have more than 135 million copies in print and have been translated into forty languages, and thirty-three titles have been New York Times bestsellers.

America’s favorite cat is back with this new value-priced edition of three-in-one comic strips (contains- Garfield Chickens Out #61 , Garfield Listens to His Gut #62 , and Garfield Cooks Up Trouble #63 ) together for the first time in color and super-sized!

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When one Garfield isn’t enough–there’s only one thing better than a Garfield collection- three Garfield collections!

GARFIELD CHICKENS OUT- Garfield’s always hatching a new plan to prank his poor owner. Whether he’s garnishing Jon’s soup with cat hair, putting a goldfish in his shoe (it was Jon’s birthday!), or hiding the car, Garfield rules the roost!

GARFIELD LISTENS TO HIS GUT- Garfield’s gut instinct is to eat–and eat BIG! And why not? That’s how the fat cat became famous, enjoying enormous success worldwide. And that’s how the big-bellied glutton still rolls.

GARFIELD COOKS UP TROUBLE- Whether he’s toasting a whole loaf of bread because Jon’s butter expires at midnight, fixing a taste-bud melting liverwurst, horseradish, and anchovy paste sandwich, or preparing Grandma’s special soup (hold the coyote!), Garfield makes sure fun is always on the menu!