Game for Life: John Madden by Richmond, Peter

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ISBN 9780553513455 RHUS CHILDREN’S BOOKS – RANDOM HOUSE US July 2019 Hardback 40 pp

BRIGETTE BARRAGER graduated from CalArts with a BFA in character animation in 2007. She likes tea and books and general old lady-ish stuff, and hates when people’s toes hang over the edges of their sandals. Visit her at

NEW from the bestselling illustrator of Uni the Unicorn! A new mythical–and totally rad–character to laugh with and love.

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Vlad is always getting in trouble at Miss Fussbucket’s School for Aspiring Spooks. Unlike the other little vampires, witches, mummies, and ghosts, Vlad isn’t very interested in learning spookiness. That’s because…Vlad loves to skateboard! How can he possibly think about being a good spook when all he wants to do is practice his latest gnarly trick? Maybe Vlad can find a way to do both!

Brigette Barrager’s debut author-illustrator project is full of energy, fun, and sweet tricks! Passionate kids will identify with Vlad, and will take heart from the way he combines his love of skateboarding with his schoolwork. A perfect Halloween read-aloud for the classroom!