First How Things Work Encyclopedia: First Reference by DK Australia

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ISBN 9780143795032 – Dorling Kindersley – Dorling Kindersley: Paperback 136 pp – Sep 2019

DK Australia’s First Reference series provides Australian children with the essential building blocks that support their learning.

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All the essential science and engineering topics for primary school children are covered with this fun and informative illustrated encyclopedia, including machinery, electronics, transport, gases and liquids, energy, light and sound, and digital technology. Everything is simply explained, with easy introductions and clear, bright imagery. Packed with fascinating ideas, questions, answers and activities, it is the perfect homework helper to support children as they begin to learn about how things work in the world around them.

First How Things Work Encyclopedia is the essential reference book for Australian primary school children, covering everything a young child needs to know and providing a strong foundation for science and STEM learning through the rest of school years. This book lifts the hood of a car engine, discovers the inside of an electric guitar, explains renewable energy and explores robotics and the future of technology. With close-ups, cutaways and diagrams bringing the technology to life, timelines illustrating the development of major inventions, challenging curiosity quizzes and fascinating facts, the First How Things Work Encyclopedia lets children really see and understand what’s going on in the world.

This book is one of six in the 2019 DK Australia First Reference series, which also includes First Children’s Dictionary, Visual Guide to Grammar and Punctuation, First Maths Glossary, First Science Encyclopedia and First Encyclopedia.