Fearless Frederic by Arena, Felice

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ISBN: 9780143786757 Puffin – Penguin Australia Pty Ltd 2018 – 176 pp, Paperback

Felice Arena is one of Australia’s best-loved children’s writers. He is the author and creator of many popular and award-winning children’s books for all ages, including the acclaimed historical adventure The Boy and the Spy, the bestselling Specky Magee books and the popular Andy Roid and Sporty Kids series.

A story of friendship and heart-racing adventure – a perfect follow up to the acclaimed The Boy and the Spy.


When the river rises and the city of Paris begins to disappear under water, Frederic decides to help those who can?t help themselves. But as his heroic acts escalate, so does the danger. Frederic will have to battle an escaped zoo animal and fight off pickpockets and looters but, as the waters subside, can he find justice for his father and find out what courage really means?

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