Exoplanets: A Ladybird Expert Book by Aderin-Pocock, Maggie

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ISBN 9780718187262 – Michael Joseph – Penguin UK Hardback 56 pp – August 2019

Maggie Aderin-Pocock has had a passion for space and astronomy since she was a small child. This has driven her to obtain a degree in Physics and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. She has spent most of her career making novel, and bespoke instrumentation for the space industry. Maggie founded Science Innovation Ltd in 2004 and through this, she shares her love of the subject with others through lecture, television programs and now books.

An accessible and authoritative introduction to Exoplanets for adult readers.

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Part of the new Ladybird Expert series, Exoplanets is an accessible and authoritative introduction to the hunt for strange new worlds.

Written by the celebrated space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock, Exoplanets illuminates how scientists are on the technological brink of answering the questions that have been asked for thousands of years-

Are there other planets like Earth? Is there life on these planets? And are they common?

Inside you’ll learn just how quickly our picture of the universe is changing. In the past 10 years, scientists have estimated about 40 billion potentially Earth-like planets that sit in the habitable zone of stars not dissimilar to our own.

This book details not only how scientists are detecting these planets, but asks, if we came across life, would we even recognise it?