Diggin’ Your Dark Side by Melinda Carbis Reilly

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ISBN 9781760790080 New Holland Publishers 2018 paperback 194 Guidance to transform anxiety and depression into a deep sense of belonging and love

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Diggin’ Your Dark Side is
a refreshingly raw and open look at how depression
can take a healthy person and usher them to a place
of despair and suffering so profound that suicide
feels like the only option to escape. Through this
autobiographical self help book you will read the
stories of Melinda’s own journey through depression
learning step by step, the tools she used to become
joyful and peaceful once again. Read as Melinda heals
her heart after the loss of her son, forgives her sexual
abusers and gains control over her thoughts once
again. There is no stone left unturned; from learning
to love yourself, heal your heart, nutrition, exercise,
meditation and the pure joy of laughter. You will find
the right practises to bring you back to the peaceful
being you truly are. This book is for anyone who has
experienced trauma that has not been healed, depression that has stolen joy, purpose that has
been lost and for the carer who has watched their loved one get lost in t