Defending the Guilty: TV tie in by McBride, Alex

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ISBN 9780241986912 – Penguin (General UK) – Penguin UK Paperback 288 pp – August 2019

Alex McBride is a criminal barrister. He is the author of the ‘Common Law’ column in Prospect magazine and has contributed to the New Statesman and various BBC programmes, including From Our Own Correspondent.

True crime meets humour in this hilariously funny and eye-opening expose of the criminal justice system.

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How do we ensure that the guilty are convicted and the innocent walk free?

Every day, criminal barrister Alex McBride stands up in court and attempts to save people from conviction, prison, even a lifetime behind bars. Sometimes it’s a hopeless case.

Sometimes he has the chance to right a wrong. But mostly his clients are just plain guilty.

In Defending the Guilty, McBride takes us behind the scenes of Britain’s criminal justice system. He introduces us to its extraordinary characters and arcane eccentricities, and tells astonishing stories of courtroom triumph and defeat. Whether he’s defending hapless teenagers at Harlow Youth Court or prosecuting gold bullion robbers at the Old Bailey, these hair-raising tales reveal that justice rarely operates in quite the way we expect.