Consciousness Medicine by Bourzat, Francoise


ISBN 9781593279561 NO STARCH – RANDOM HOUSE US July 2019 Paperback 268 pp

Will Kurt currently works as a Senior Data Scientist at Bombora, and has been using Bayesian statistics to solve real business problems for over half a decade. He frequently blogs about probability on his website, Will is the author of Get Programming with Haskell (Manning Publications) and lives in Reno, Nevada.

Fun guide to learning Bayesian statistics and probability through unusual and illustrative examples.

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Many professionals use statistics and probabilities in their everyday work but struggle to make much sense of what they’re doing. Bayesian Statistics the Fun Way gets you understanding the theory behind data analysis without making you slog through a load of dry concepts first – with no programming experience necessary. Fun and unusual examples are used to illustrate otherwise dry statistical concepts. You’ll learn about probability with LEGO, statistics through Star Wars, distributions with bomb fuses, estimation through precipitation, and come away with some strong mathematical reasoning skills. You’ll start with learning about priors and calculating simple probabilities and move on to measuring spreads and distributions, modelling data, simulating monte carlo scenarios, handling irrational data; you’ll even get a crash course in R basics. This is a super approachable book for people who need to do data science and probability work in their lives, but never got a good grip on the underlying theory.