Burning Maze (The Trials Of Apollo Book 3), The by Riordan, Rick

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ISBN 9780141364018 – Puffin – Penguin UK Paperback 528 pp – May 2019

Rick Riordan, dubbed ‘storyteller of the gods’ by Publishers Weekly, is the author of five New York Times number-one bestselling book series with millions of copies sold throughout the world- Percy Jackson, the Heroes of Olympus and the Trials of Apollo, based on Greek and Roman mythology; the Kane Chronicles, based on Egyptian mythology; and Magnus Chase, based on Norse mythology. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Rick’s first novel featuring the heroic young demigod, won the Red House Children’s Book Award and is now a blockbuster film franchise starring Logan Lerman.

To learn more about Rick and his books, you can visit him at or follow him on Twitter @camphalfblood.

The third title in Rick Riordan’s Trials of Apollo series – set in the world of Percy Jackson.

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I was a god, once, until I was cast out by my father, Zeus.

Now I’m an awkward mortal teenager called Lester.

My way out? A series of scary and dangerous trials, of course.

For my third mission, I must-

Journey through the Labyrinth to free an Oracle who only speaks in puzzles. Which sounds easy. Then, defeat the most vicious of three very vicious Roman Emperors.

Is that all? No, I have to do everything without any of my godly powers. Wonderful. Looks like I’ll need all the help I can get – from new friends, and old . . .

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